Oyster Mushrooms

The Pleurotus mushroom is generally referred to as `Oyster Mushroom' or `Dhingri' in India. It is a basidiomycete and belongs to the Genus `Pleurotus'. The fruit bodies of this mushroom are distinctly shell, fan or spatula shaped with different shades of white, cream, grey, yellow, pink or light brown depending upon the species. The oyster mushroom is one of the most suitable fungal organism for producing protein rich food from various agrowastes without composting.

All mushrooms are fungi and they produce spores, similar to pollen or seeds, which allows them to spread or travel by the wind. The rest of the mushroom then matures, typically living in soil or wood. Mushrooms are edible fungus that can provide several important nutrients. But the benefits don’t end there. Recent studies have shown that Oyster mushrooms also have the following medicinal properties:

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